Replacement number plates

Judith has worn a three  different numberplates over the course of her life but when I got her she was back on her original number.  However, the plates were from Hellfrauds.

I have the original guarantee card and a key fob from the dealer who originally sold her,  Chevron Motors in Malvern.

2CV guarantee card (1987)

Whilst Chevron Motors are still a going concern, they no longer have a Malvern branch.  I got in touch with the parts department who were happy to supply a new set of plates with their issuer details.

As I was replacing the plates I took the opportunity to switch to plastic retaining bolts which won’t rust – an extremely common problem with metal numberplate fixings.  I also colour matched the bolts to the plate, the ‘P’ being an easy match but the hole on the left went halfway through the ‘D’ – after a bit of experimentation I settled on the background colour as the black made it look more like a ‘B’ from a distance.

2CV front numberplate

I used the old plates as a template for drilling the holes in the new plates but didn’t notice that the rear plates weren’t quite straight.  I’m not too bothered about this as it retains a bit of character.

2CV rear numberplate