New roof

The roof on Judith was another item that was showing its age, the vinyl had faded and was split in a couple of places.  Fortunately new roofs are easy to get hold of and in the right colour too.

Removing the roof is actually very simple and working from front-to-back seems to be the best approach. First slide the boot out of it’s hinge. Then unclip the roof above the B-pillars,as if rolling it fully back, and unscrew the press-studs at the back – these are self tappers that go through the vinyl into the body, nothing fancy.

At this point it’s a good idea to have someone else support the roof under the rear window whilst you remove the two bolts holding the roof on.  There is one each side where the parcel shelf clips are.

2CV roof rear fixing

With these bolts removed the roof will now come completely off the car which makes the next stage easier. Working from the inside of the roof, the two end caps for the boot hinge are each held on by a pair of screws.  These screws can suffer from bimetallic corrosion so be careful when removing them.

2CV boot hinge cap

With the caps removed the hinge slides off the roof.

2CV boot hinge fitted to roof

Refitting is essentially the reverse of removal with a few points to note.

It’s worth adding a bead of silicone grease into both channels of the boot hinge before putting it back onto the roof, it’s quite hard to get access to the boot channel when it’s back on the car.

The rear roof fixing has a plate for the parcel shelf and this acts as the nut for the fixing bolt.

2CV roof rear fixing

When putting the roof back on don’t tighten these bolts at first, wait until the roof is fully fitted and the boot is back on and closed before fully tightening them as this makes sure everything is in the right place.

2CV roof

As the press-studs at the back need a hole in the vinyl it’s also a good idea to leave the roof for a few days to allow it to settle in before making final adjustments and re-fitting them to ensure you put the holes in the right place.