Exhaust bandage

I’ve known there was a band of rust on the front cross box since I first looked at her but there was no evidence of a leak. However, the other day when I started her up cold I happened to notice that a small amount of condensation was bubbling out of a pinhole leak.

Whilst I will get round to replacing the cross box at some point it’s not a job I want to do at the moment – so time for a temporary fix.

With the front end up on axle stands I got out the wire brush to clean up the rust.  Whilst it’s mostly surface rust, once it was cleaned up the source of the leak was apparent.

2CV exhaust cross box showing rust

The exhaust bandage was fitted according to the instructions on the packaging, the most difficult part being feeding it round the top of the cross box.

2CV exhaust cross box with bandage

Quick trip out to heat it up and cure the adhesive and job done (shortly before it started raining).