Replaced off side front indicator

Well, this wasn’t planned for today but I had bought a replacement indicator because I knew it was coming.

What I had planned for today was taking a look at why the clicker and the dash indicator light weren’t working when signalling to turn right.  After much digging around with a multimeter I worked through a couple of connectors that needed improving and ended up with the offside indicator in the wing.

It soon became apparent that the problems in this area would take longer to fix than replacing the unit.  It looks like there was a creative repair in the past but the root of the problem stems from the design of the unit as a whole, it’s very exposed to corrosion and the wiring might be easy to fit when assembling the car at the factory but less so when coming to doing a repair.

The replacement is now fitted but I think I need to take a look at replacing the wiring for both wings at some point.