Carburettor fettling

After the previous fun and games with the engine I had some outstanding business with the carburettor. Firstly the elephant’s knee* had split (gaffer to the rescue for the trip home).

The top of the carb comes off with six screws – one of which holds the choke cable in place.

With the top of the carb off the fuel was siphoned out of the bowls – there was a bit of clart in the bottom of the bowls which I removed but nothing to worry about.  The jets are easy to access with the top off and – not that I found any obvious obstructions – they were cleaned with spray solvent and some plastic brush bristles.

To replace the top gasket the floats need removing, the pin that forms the hinge is a friction fit and needs drifting out – I used a cross head jeweller’s screwdriver.  With the gasket back the float heights were equal at 18mm so no problems there.  Also in the top of the carb is the needle valve activated by the floats and, whilst that wasn’t obstructed, it was pre-emptively cleaned as well.

With the top back on the only remaining item was the new elephant’s knee which, being unperished,  went back on much more easily than the old one.

2CV carburettor and airbox hose

* The pipe connecting the airbox to the carb, this is what I always called it when I was a nipper – no idea if anyone else calls it that.