Aviation Adventures – Lego 3 in 1 Creator 31011

Setting up for my next Lego project, something that could have rolled out of Granville Brothers former dance hall in Springfield.  Ideally I’d like to get as close to a Model R as possible but it’s not an easy shape to reproduce in Lego.

For the starting point I’ve used an off-the-shelf kit, Aviation Adventures which has a plane as the featured build.  With the big rotary engine and the rounded wings it’s got two elements that are a key part of the Gee Bee designs.

Lego Creator 31011 plane

Lego Creator 31011 plane

There are some nice features of the model that I won’t be retaining, first is when you slide the tail wheel backwards and forwards it works a bi-directional gear assembly that turns the propeller.  It’s nice but it’s going to be to restrictive to retain.

Lego Creator 31011 unidirectional gear assembly

The other is the retractable undercarriage, again a nicely implemented feature but the Gee Bees had fixed, spatted, undercarriage and housing it makes the wing more restrictive.

Lego Creator 31011 retractable undercarriage