Solex 23/36 CISC carburettor

The Solex 23/36 CISC carburettor was fitted to the 2CV, Dyane, Visa and LN(A).  Leaving aside the 652cc engines, there were two models fitted to the 602cc engines and they differ in the sizes of the chokes.

Information on these in the Citroën workshop manuals is contained in a few cross referenced tables which are just about intelligible if you are looking for information on a specific car but make it very hard to come up with a simple guide.  Not that I’m going to let that stop me – here’s my working overview of the main types of 23/36 carbs.

Car Reference First choke venturi [mm] (area [mm^2]) Second choke venturi [mm] (area [mm^2]) First choke main jet Second choke main jet Idle jet First choke air correction jet Second choke air correction jet Pump injector Needle valve seat
2CV/Dyane (1978-07)   197   21 (1385)   24 (1810) 120    70    40 1 F 2 2 AA   40 1.7 (Ball type)
2CV/Dyane (1980-07)/LN 225   18 (1018)   26 (2124) 102.5   87.5   39 1 F 2 2 AA   45 1.7 (Ball type)
Visa/LNA              209   21 (1385)   26 (2124) 125  130    41 120  160   40 170 (Ball type)


Car: This is the car that used this carb, this is a rough guide – for more detailed information you’ll need to dig into the workshop manuals.
Reference: The Solex reference that is supposedly on the carb, not found it on mine yet.  However, the venturi sizes are moulded onto the bowl either side of the Solex logo and that’s how you can tell which model you have.

The 197 (21-24) carb is sometimes referred to as a “Dyane carb”, probably because it seems to have first appeared on the M28 engine used in the Dyane. However, both 2CVs and Dyanes had this carb and then the latter – and more common – 225 (18-26) carb.