Refurbished 2CV engine breather

After finding out that my engine breather didn’t need replacing it was worth refurbishing it as it had got a bit tatty over the years, the surface treatment having worn off and rust had developed under a layer of grime.

2CV engine breather/ oil filler

2CV engine breather/ oil filler

After a thorough clean up, first with degreaser and then abrasives a treatment with rust remedy had it ready for a protective coat of paint.

The choice of paint was a tricky one, originally it was a coppery gold colour but redoing it in that colour would have looked a bit too gaudy in a 30 year old engine bay so I ended up mixing copper and silver Hammerite to achieve a colour I was happy with.

Painting a 2CV engine breather/ oil filler

There’s an oil return from the breather to the crank case at the bottom of the breather, this is connected to the dip stick tube via a short length of 8mm ID rubber hose.  As the original hose was by now very stiff a trip to the local Piriteck secured some new hose.

8mm ID hose for a 2CV engine breather oil return

The new hose isn’t as thick as the old hose but it’s reinforced and rated for oil so should be good.

8mm ID hose for a 2CV engine breather oil return - original and new

Cut to the same length as the old one it was 42mm.

2CV engine breather oil return hose

The studs fit in the block with a bit of thread lock for good measure – as shown more clearly during this crank case build up.

2CV engine breather/ oil filler mounting studs

Whilst the breather is easier to fit onto the studs than using bolts, it does make fitting the return hose onto the dipstick connection a bit tricky.  However, after some finagling it all went back together and was secured with the 11mm nuts and washers supplied in the stud conversion kit.