Nerf herding

Reading Mal’s writing on shooting reminded me of the enjoyment I used to get from shooting targets in the back garden with an air rifle. However, in the intervening 25 years the laws surrounding air rifle ownership have changed significantly meaning that’s not an option for me these days. Fortunately the rise of global capitalism and advances in manufacturing technologies means that I can select from a wide range of Nerf guns at the local toy superstore.


A while back I picked up the “Centurion”, it’s basically Nerf’s take on an anti-material rifle.

Nerf Mega Centurion

Whilst the ergonomics are pretty darn good for prone shooting the ballistics of the “Mega” darts are fracking terrible.  On a six meter range from my kitchen, across the hall, to the spare room I couldn’t reliably hit a duster hung over the laundry bin!

Indoor Nerf range


Another friend of mine had said the Rival Apollo was worth a look, it has a much stronger main spring and the Rival ammo (essentially small yellow foam golf balls) has a good ballistic trajectory.

The Apollo is Nerf’s take on a bolt action bullpup sub machine gun(‽) and the prone shooting ergonomics are pretty much what you’d expect from that configuration – fracking terrible.

Nerf Rival Apollo

The magazine (not present in the photos) is located in the pistol grip and sticks out the bottom, the charging handle is on the top and there’s no butt plate.

Nerf Rival Apollo shouldered

It is possible to shoulder it but it’s short and the hard square edges on the rear of the receiver are not comfortable.


So I now have one gun with great ergonomics and terrible ballistics and one with great ballistics and terrible ergonomics – I’m sure you can see where this is going…

Nerf Rival Apollo and Mega Centurion

My plan is to take the action from the Apollo and and put it into the furniture of the Centurion.  At first inspection the receiver of the Apollo and the butt of the Centurion seem about the same size so the next step will be to take things apart and see what’s what.