2CV Wing Wiring

As I’ve had nothing but trouble with the wiring of the wings I’m re-wring both of them so I know where I am.

First step is to work out the wiring diagram, it’s not complicated but having something like this to work from makes the job easier.2CV wing wiring diagram

(Note that I’ve added a blade connector onto the back of the indicator, normally that wire runs directly from the indicator’s bulb live connector to the main wiring loom’s bullet connector.  Adding the blade connector makes it easier to remove/ replace the indicator as you don’t have to cut that wire.)

The indicator live (red) and earth (black) both run through a 12mm grommet at the front.  The live runs through a red sleeve.

Main wires in a 2CV front wing

The indicator earth attaches to the indicator via the upper retaining bolt.  It’s important it’s the top bolt as the head is connected to the earth of the bulb inside the assembly.

2CV indicator wiring inside front wing

The repeater live runs through a grey sleeve and connects to the repeater via a blade connector.

2CV indicator repeater live

With the wires cut to length the connectors go on and I’ve added heat shrink over them to tidy them up, keep the clart out and take a bit of stress off the wire where it enters the crimped connectors.

2CV wing wiring