Drive home

Drove Judth all the way back from York to Falkirk.   Stayed off motorways so went up the back roads to Darlo, along the A68 to Corbridge for a refuel, through Jedbrugh and on to the Flatteaux of Len to drop off some stuff and have a much needed brew.  Then back to Falkirk via Winchbrugh, Linlithgow and Polmont.

It rained pretty much the whole journey but she performed admirably, seeming getting stronger as she went along – managed the climb up to the border with aplomb.  Must confess to being very nervous about such a long drive in a 30 year old car but all’s well that ends well.

There did seem to be some fuel leaking when stopped but it wasn’t much so pressed on – we certainly hadn’t seen anything like that when working on her yesterday.  Investigating it is number one on the to-do list.