Interior jobs

Couple of quick interior jobs today.

First up was replacing¬† both the rear door opening handles – the near side one was missing and the off side one had a crack and showed the tell tale cloudy residue of cyanoacrylate “super” glue.

Second was re-fitting the near side front window hold-open stay which was back to front.¬† Once cleaned and lubricated the latch and stay were put back on.¬† The latch mounting holes allow for a bit of vertical movement so it’s worth putting the screws back mostly tight and adjusting the hight so the window closes properly before fully tightening.

2CV front window latch reverse side

The off side catch looks to be a replacement as the mounting plate is plain metal – it’s not been painted in the body colour like the near side. The hinge and spring were looking a bit rusty so I applied a libation of 3-in-1 oil before re-fitting.

2CV front window latch hinge