Replaced wing mirror beading

The plastic beading round a 2CV’s wing mirror is what holds the glass in. Unfortunately the beading on Judith had succumbed to the ravages of time to the point where I had resorted to gaffer tape to prevent it coming out going over a particularly harsh lump in the road – even a 2CV’s suspension isn’t that good.

The new beading came with new mirrors. I did look at re-using the old mirrors but the glass was thicker so wouldn’t fit the new beading.

Although the old beading was on its way out it was still holding together so I used a stanley knife to cut it out. This was a much fiddlier job than it sounds and ended up taking quite a while.

Removing 2CV wing mirror beading

With the old beading cut away and the mirror removed it exposed the interior of the wing mirror assembly. There was a bit of dirt in here so I cleaned it out with electrical connection cleaner and put a very light coating of 3-in-1 over the central mounting point – not enough to impair the friction fit.

Inside of a 2CV wing mirror

Fitting the beading wasn’t quite as simple as a push fit.  Via a process of trial and error I found that the best way was to insert the narrow end fully into the lip and then use the light blue plastic tool provided to encourage the beading under the lip.

Fitting 2CV wing mirror beading

This ended up taking quite a bit more time that I expected but the results were worth it, two new mirrors that weren’t about to fall out.

Replaced 2CV wing mirror beading

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