LED information

With the dashboard lights deconstructed I started looking for appropriate LEDs to use.

The following are required:

  • Oil pressure high (red)
  • Brake fluid low (red)
  • Hazard warning lights (red)
  • Fog light (orange)
  • Main beam (blue)
  • Indicators (green)

To get as close as possible to the appearance of the light glass coloured diffuse LEDs are needed – these are the ones where the whole LED is translucent and coloured rather than being fully transparent with the colour coming from the semiconductor material used in manufacture.

From what I could find, diffuse LEDs in the colours needed come in 3mm, 5mm and 10mm sizes and were available with resistors suitable for 12V attached.  Given the inside diameter of the light bezel is 8mm and the hole for the glass is 6mm I elected for 5mm.

LEDs and 2CV dashboard indicator light

As the LED is undersized for the light bezel some from of adaptor will be required.  This would ideally be a tube that has an inside diameter of 5mm and an outside diameter of 7.5mm.

LED dimensions

5mm LED

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