Removing a 2CV’s dim-dip system (medium version)

With the dim-dip system having been functionally deactivated by removing the relays, I now turned to removing the remaining components: the diode and the resistor.


The diode was housed in a black plastic case cable tied to the flasher unit under the dash.  Given a diode is effectively a one way valve for electricity it says something about the whole dim-dip setup that the connectors on either end were both yellow with a green wire.

2CV dim dip diode in-situ

Removing this was pretty simple: cut the cable tie, unplug the connectors and stash them away under the dashboard.


The resistor was mounted on the near-side of the chassis front rail, behind the bumper.  This is presumably so the airflow will keep it cool but it also exposes it to the worst of the elements.  As a result it was badly corroded.

Unclipping it from the chassis mount and then unplugging the connector from the wiring loom extension was enough to remove it.

2CV dim dip resistor

The wiring loom extension was tidied away and will be fully removed later.

Squeezing together the spring clip allows it to be withdrawn from the chassis.

2CV dim dip resistor mounting clip

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