2CV voltmeter fly lead

With the piggy-back connectors behind the dash and the connector on the voltmeter all that remains is to bridge the gap with a fly lead.

With the connectors at both ends already determined the only open question was the length. I’ve pretty much decided to mount the voltmeter under the dash shelf so, armed with a ball of twine, I went out and worked out a routing. So the answer to: “How long should the fly lead be?” is: “As long as a piece of string.”

How long is a piece of string? Twice as long as half its length.

Making up the fly lead was the same as making up the voltmeter connector but with the gender of the connectors inverted. A wrap of the wires with black insulting tape to keep things tidy and it was finished.

2CV voltmeter fly lead

The final QA check was to mate the voltmeter connector and the fly lead and, using a multimeter, check the wiring end-to-end.