Reconditioned gear change parts

Similarly to the airbox supports the gear change parts needed reconditioning.

The gear lever’s powder coating had faired much better than the airbox support with only a couple of areas having been worn away and minimal surface rust on the exposed metal.  A quick clean with emery cloth and treatment with k-rust was all that was required before a coat of Hammerite.

2CV gear change parts

The gear change slide didn’t look as bad but once I started cleaning up the small areas of surface rust the paint started coming away like dust – Citroen might as well have used thinned down blackboard paint on it originally!

It didn’t take too long to get it back to bare metal but that did mean it would need two coats of paint.  The first went on fine and was left to dry over night.  The second coat caused me a lot of trouble, as it started to dry it was forming a mottled surface so I tried remedial action with thinners and fresh paint.  This did eventually form a decent finish when it dried but I’m not entirely happy with it so will look at re-doing this at a later date.

Re-fitting the slide tube into the dash is a bit tricky.  It has to be presented from inside the car through the bulkhead – even though it doesn’t seem like the upturned end of the actuator will fit through the grommet.  The slide is secured to the dash between two thick nylon washers that sit inside the metal mounts.  It’s secured with a 10mm nut and bolt which are tricky to get tools onto as the dash covering doesn’t leave much space round them.

2CV gear change dashboard fixing

When I replaced the linkage that joins the two parts of the gear change I said to pay attention to the order of the washers but didn’t say what that was.  For the avoidance of doubt, the thick washer goes next to the gear change lever on the horizontal pin and next to the rubber bush on the vertical pin.

2CV gear change linkage pin showing washer orientation