Lubricating 2CV suspension cylinders

The suspension cylinders of a 2CV are key to the interlinked front and rear system that provides such a good ride over uneven surfaces. Like most moving parts on a car they benefit from lubrication. Given there are rubber seals in the cylinders that maintain the seals that enable the transfer of movement from front to rear spring, it’s necessary to use a non-mineral oil that won’t cause them to perish. Some form of vegetable oil is normally used – caster oil being the traditional family choice as it’s quite viscous at ambient temperatures.

Back when Judith was fresh out of the factory it was possible to buy caster oil from the village chemists, these days it’s available as a cosmetic item from on-line retailers. The retailer I chose was also able to provide a suitably sized syringe and tubing.

Filling a syringe with caster oil

To get the oil into the right place, the rubber gaiter on the suspension pull rod needs to be pulled back and the tube inserted as far as it will go as the seals are in the middle of the cylinder.

Inserting the lubrication tube into a 2CV suspension cylinder

This process needs to be repeated four times: front and rear on the left and right cylinders.

As I didn’t know when this had last been done I put about 50ml into each side of each cylinders which is about as much as they would take.

After completing this it’s best to take the car our for a drive over some bumpy roads to work the oil into the seals.