Replacing a 2CV fuel pump

In the first couple of outings after the winter I noticed there were some fuel starvation issues, especially at low revs. Suspecting a tired fuel pump I set about replacing it with a brand new one.

2CV fuel pumps (Valeo and BCD)

Having already taken the fuel pump out to renew the hoses there wasn’t much to add to the process outlined there. However, this time I did take the fan off and get access from the front of the engine which made things significantly easier – especially locating the mounting bolts.

Accessing a 2CV fuel pump with the fan off

Whilst I had the pump out I took out the actuator rod and cleaned it. This rod is driven by the crankshaft and mechanically activates the fuel pump. With the spacer block removed it’s not too difficult to tease the rod out as access is quite good.

2CV fuel pump actuation rod in-situ

2CV fuel pump actuation rod

After a clean and a fresh coating of grease, refitting was the reverse of removal.

A nice long shakedown run (starting by staying close to home) showed a significant improvement in the fuel delivery but there was still the odd niggle that warrants further investigation – either another split fuel hose or a carb issue seem the most likely.