24 Hours Race Car – Lego Technic 42039

My favourite Technic Lego set from my youth was the Big Car so its contemporary equivalent – especially being an LMP1 racer – had always appealed to me.

It’s a sizeable kit with a lot of parts and a 250 page instruction book.

Lego Technic 24 Hours Race Car ready to build

This is the first time I’ve really encountered the studless style of Technic and I have to say it’s more like Meccano than Lego as far as I’m concerned.

It took most of an afternoon and evening to assemble it following the instructions.

Lego Technic 24 Hours Race Car

Whilst it looks very good – there’s no question it’s modelled on an LMP1 endurance racer – I wasn’t particularly impressed with the functionality.  About the only thing that wasn’t present on the model I had 30 years ago is the front suspension.

There is a steering wheel but it’s not connected to anything, the steering is controlled by a cog on the top of the car – something I’ve never been too keen on.

The engine cover lifts and the gull-wing doors work from a single cog on the right side, switched by a clutch in the left side pod.  This is a nicely executed feature but there are an awful lot of cogs and axles around the cockpit and side pods.