2CV dim-dip system removal creit

Credit for the original solution of the dim-dip removal goes to John Wood:

Back in Feb 1995 I wrote to the editor (then Bev Abbot) regarding light switches getting hot, which had been of concern to many drivers of late model cars at that time.

I had noticed my own switch getting quite warm, particularly at the connector where a Mauve wire was attached and decided to find out why this was happening and if I could do anything to cure this problem.

I had just got a new edition of Haynes which had details of the Dim – Dip system which Citroen had cobbled together in order to comply with new regs in UK and maybe in other countries. After studying the new circuit I found that the Mauve wire was carrying all of the current to the lights unlike in earlier models, without Dim – Dip, where the load was shared between two switch terminals and two wires.

I decided to ditch Dim – Dip and return the circuit to standard and set about studying the circuit. After a bit more puzzling I discovered that it was possible to achieve my aim by the deceptively simple method of disconnecting the relays and using a ‘jumper lead’ to bridge connectors 1 and 5 of the plug which has 5 wires going to it. The Dim – Dip Resistor which is mounted on the front cross member of the chassis can also be removed as can the Diode which can be found tied to the Flasher unit under the parcel shelf although this is not essential as they are no longer in the circuit once the relays are removed.

The relays are installed to make the Dim – Dip system work. However, the system is flawed in it’s design, causing the overheating at the switch terminal. Removing the relays enables my method of using a jumper lead to return the circuit to standard to be employed.