2CV Cylinder Head Rebuild

After the port polish and lapping the new valves and cylinder barrels it was time to rebuild the cylinder head.  This is basically the reverse of removal.

The white exhaust valve stem oil seals are a tight fit on the valve guides, even without the securing collar.  They’re also a tight fit on the valve stems so it’s worth fitting the valves at this point before the springs.

2CV vale stem oil seal fitting

The springs have caps at either end so, with a generous covering of oil, these sit over the valve stems.

2CV valve spring

The valves are attached to the springs via the collets.  Like removal, this is a three handed job involving a heavy spring under compression so I didn’t take any photos.  Essentially, with the spring compressed and some grease on the valve stems to hold the collets in place the spring can be slowly and carefully uncompressed until the spring cap rides up on the taper of the collets until the whole assembly is secure.

The biggest departure from the removal was the replacement of the “special” bolts used to to hold the lower end of the rocker pivot.  As fitted by Citroën in their infinite wisdom the bolt has a strange head that has two flats.  Whilst this came off with the assistance of an adjustable spanner I didn’t want to put it back so I used a 35mm M8 threaded hex headed bolt.  This fits exactly as the original and uses a standard tool.

2CV rocker pivot bolts

2CV rocker pivot bolts

With the rockers fitted that’s the heads reassembled as far as possible.

2CV cylinder head