Removing a stuck 2CV fan

As the cooling fan on a 2CV is a friction fit on the taper it can get stuck and be hard to remove.  When we first serviced Judith the fan was stuck and we didn’t get round to removing it.

Originally the 14mm fan retaining bolt was on FT.  As it’s inside the starter dogs a narrow socket is required to access it so, with a screwdriver lodged into the flywheel and the application of a breaker bar, we managed to remove it.  However, the fan remained stuck on the taper.

With a higher priority job needing doing it took me a while to get round to looking at this.  However, it needed removing to access the points box and re-time the ignition.  With the fan retaining bolt removed and over the course of a few evenings I applied WD-40 into the centre of the shaft in the hope some would penetrate.  I also turned the fan each time to help gravity distribute the WD-40 to as much of the joint as possible.

To break the taper a specialist tool is required – in this case a large bolt that fits into the centre of the fan (other lumps of metal are available).  This can then be struck with a suitable percussive tool (mallet) to free the taper.

Specialist tools in use removing a 2CV fan

Strike the tool sideways or upwards – i.e. not downwards – to try and avoid disturbing the points.  Of course, if it’s really stuck and you’re going to be re-setting the points anyway then have at it in all directions!

The WD-40 really did work, after repeated attempts at dislodging the fan before it now came free after only a few good hits this time and there was clear evidence that the liquid had penetrated the join.

With the taper freed the fan will be loose and can be withdrawn whilst unhooking the alternator belt from the pulley that is the rear of the fan.

Removing a 2CV fan

The fan itself is made up of two parts: the metal backing plate that has the pulley and the starting handle dogs, and the plastic fan with blades.  They are held together by three 8mm bolts and three 10mm bolts.

2CV fan parts

When re-assembling the fan put all the bolts in half way then tighten the 8mm bolts followed by the 10mm.